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Biography of Philip Gabel

PHILIP GABEL, PhD, is a physiotherapist and clinician in private practitioner at Coolum on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. He is uniquely placed as one of a few therapists with multiple post-graduate specialisation that include the fields of Sports and Spinal Therapy, Acupuncture and Hydrotherapy as well as Laser Therapy. His interest in laser or Photo-Bio-Modulation (PBM) started in 1986 and he has continued and expanded over the past 20 years. His interests in sports and the industrial athlete come from his background as a former Professional Triathlete in Europe and Australia and as a member and touring physiotherapist with the Professional Teams and the Australian Elite Team to World Championships.

Clinical areas of interest include sports physiotherapy, chronic Musculo-skeletal pain management, ear conditions as well as prediction and quantification of outcomes through measurement and screening.

  • Grad Dip Sc by Research on the effects of Low Level Laser on slow healing wounds and Ulcers at Charles Darwin University in 1995;
  • Credentialed Sports Physiotherapist 1999 (APA Tier 2 Physio);
  • Credentialed McKenzie Therapist (MDT) 1997 (McKenzie Institute);
  • Grad. Certificate in Acupuncture 1999 (TCM - APA Acupuncture Program)
  • Grad. Certificate Hydrotherapy 1996 (La Trobe University)
  • MSc (Research) 2003 - Charles Darwin Uni (Outcome Measures)
  • PhD Uni Sunshine Coast (Chronicity Screening & Outcomes)
  • Manual Handling Instructor 1995 (SIFAM - France)

Research interests in the field of laser therapy include its role in sports, neural dynamics, tissue permeability, ear and dermal conditions including otitis externa and Tinnitus.

Selected publications:
  • Photobiomodulation in Patients with Low Back Pain: A Case Control Series for the Effect on Depression. Quality in Primary Care 2016, 24(1) 33-38
  • 2003: Laser Partners (Scandinavia) July Issue - Bone Stimulation by LLLT A new Model
  • 1997: LLLT (International Journal On Laser Therapy): Guest Editorial 'Neuronal Axoplasmic Flow as one of the possible mechanisms for the systemic and latent effects of Laser therapy: an Hypothesis'. LLLT: Sept 1997
  • 1996: Primary Intention (Wound Management Journal): Original Research Paper 'Wound Measurement, Easy Inexpensive and Accurate'. Primary Intention: March 1997
  • 1995: AJP: (Australian National Physiotherapy Journal): Case Study 'Does Laser Cause Bruising'. AJP: Vol 41,(4): 273-275.Dec 1995